Dr. Colley's

How to Grow Rich in Farming:

 Shifting Away from Farming Two Miles Past Sharecropping

Online Course 

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These are exciting times for farmers. In my course you will learn from the knowledge I have gathered over 4 decades of academic training, hands-on farming, and global work with farmers. I will teach you the principles that will help you integrate the exploding technology and new scientific break-throughs in farming available to farmers that will move you from two miles passed share-cropping to successful farming.

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  • 4 Modules

  • 16 Lessons

  • 21 Videos

  • Dozens of Downloads

  • 40 Years of Farm Experience

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What You Will Learn:


Module 1 - Farmpreneur Business Scale

  • The Shift From Farmer to Farmpreneur
  • Value Based Farming
  • Vertical Integration - Eliminating The Operational Gaps
  • Value Chains for Sustainable Farming

Module 2 - Farmpreneur Business Finance Scale

  • Investment or Venture Capital
  • Debt Financing 
  • Sweat Equity & Equity Sharing
  • Cash Flow Management

Module 3 - Farmpreneur Business Operational Scale

  • Tactical and Strategic Management
  • Human Capital Management 
  • Managing Diversity 
  • Managing Raw Product to Finish Product

Module 4 - Realignment of the African-American and African Agricultural Economies

  • Land Acquisition
  • Human Capital
  • Climate Change and Appropriate Technology
  • Financial Capital

Contact Information:

‭Cell - (501) 454-2252

Email - [email protected]

About The Course

Dr. Colley’s

How to Grow Rich in Farming: Shifting Away from Farming Two Miles Past Sharecropping


is a course about shifting the mindset from a low productivity farmer to the mindset of farmpreneurs producing  raw products converted to value addition products to capture greater market share and value under one business operation. 

            Seven Harvest, Inc. and the IAG HillTop Professional Group invites you to join Dr. Barry Colley in the first of a series of online virtual and self-paced agribusiness development courses geared to increase wealth in the African Diaspora and African Motherland. Dr. Colley’s  forty-year career of progressive senior management and leadership experiences at the service delivery level, policy-making, grant making, and finance through microcredit boards to African American and African farming systems gives him a unique perspective on wealth building through agriculture.  He has long advocated using the engine of farming and agriculture to catalyze multiple sectors of economic development to build wealth among the Diaspora and Africa. 

Dr. Barry Colley, Ph.D.

President/CEO, of the Delta Integrated Business Enterprise Services, PLLC. He has a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Extension Education from Michigan State University. Dr. Colley's focus is on business start-ups in FARMS, wellness, nutrition, African Collegiate Entrepreneurs ( ACE ) Program in Africa and the African Diaspora.


  • Assisting Africa's University students become business operators that provide homegrown sustainable livelihoods and maintain Africa's talented 10th.
  • Provide strategic thinking and actions to build women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and build the sweet potato food spectrum or value stream business development in the New Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.


Learn how to scale your farm into a successful 


Global Farming

Discover How to Plan, Manage, and Grow your farm in a Global Farming Market. 

Farming Technology

Learn to use technology to move farming from Share-cropping to Successful Farmpreneurship.


Online coaching for Farmers, Farmpreneurs, Professors of Agriculture, and Students of Agriculture

Contact Information:

‭Cell - (501) 454-2252

Email - [email protected]