6 Life-Changing Sessions for Accomplishing Your Vision.

Session 1
Introduction - Getting to Know You & Your Vision

This session is a listening and note taking session. In this session we take the time to hear your story, clarify your purpose, understand your mission, focus the vision, and evaluate your work ethic.

Session 2

Writing The Vision

Vision is the catalyst of accomplishment. This session outlines for you the process of clarifying and writing the vision.

Session 3

The Need for Your Vision

True vision must always meet real needs in the community. This session helps you discover whether or not your vision meets a real need, and if so, what is the need.

Session 4

Products or Services from Your Vision

This session walks you through the best and most profitable way of developing, creating, and delivering produces and services around your talent to fulfill real community needs.  

Session 5

Monetizing Your Vision

This session helps you determine whether or not you desire to create wealth from your vision, and if so how much wealth you desire to create. I help you answer the question, "Do I really want to make money to fund my mission?"

Session 6

Goal, Strategies, and datelines from Accomplishing Your Vision

This is an Action Plan Session. It moves talk into action and dreams into real attainable goals. This is the session of commitment. In this session we determine whether or not you are ready and willing to invest your personal resources (time, energy, and money) in accomplishing the vision. 


I'm Dr. Roland J. Hill

President of the IAG Hilltop Group.  I have served as the visionary and builder of dozens of non-profits and for-profit organizations. I have been in the gospel ministry and vision coaching for over 40 years. I am the author 26 books, professor, and internationally known preacher. I have conducted, with my wife, hundreds of presentations worldwide in many different denominations and organizations, sharing my passion for Stewardship, Theo-Economism, and Godpreneurship. I am married to Dr. Susie Hill, Ph.D. and have two adult children and three granddaughters. I graduated from Oakwood University, BA, Andrews University, M.Div, and Reformed Theological Seminary, D.Min. 

"Drs. Roland and Susie Hill are true visionaries and leaders in the area of Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation from a Christian perspective. This Dynamic Dual launched the Dfree ministry in my church which has now gone nationwide. Their 4-day presentation inspired, motivated, and transformed our thinking. Dr. Roland J. Hill  is a writer of note and his book Theo-Economics: Unlocking the Wealth Potential of Individuals and Nations forms the basis of their teaching. They are pioneers and gurus in the Christian perspective of Financial Freedom. I highly recommend their ministry ."

- Dr. DeForest (Buster) Soaries

"My mother forced my brother and me to go to Dr. Hill's seminar on Wealth Creation and Debt Free Living 20 years ago. It transformed my life. Help me accomplish God's vision for my life. Dr. Hill's coaching inspired me to pursue and soon to complete a BA degree (2018) while starting and running my own business. The Principles Work!

Owner - An Extra-Pair of Hands (A Concierge Service)

- Jason Murray

"Dr. Roland Hill has committed his life and ministry to empowering people. I have personally benefited from their empowerment by their encouragement and help in publishing my first book, God Can - Sermons of Encouragement from the Life of Elijah.  Dr. Hill is the Real Deal."

-Bishop John R. Bryant
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  • How To Accomplish the Vision for Your Life?
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